Aquatic biology, ecology, biostatistics,
R, astronomy, and optical physics

aquatic biology, ecology, statistics,



The above word cloud was produced using select publications and proposals. My laboratory has two main objectives: Aquatics and STEM Education. Aquatics students in my lab investigate stream ecology, community ecology, life-history, morphology, ontogeny, and conservation biology.  STEM Education students in my lab develop and investigate Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs), and assess how learning experiences impact STEM student retention, science identity, and diversity of students in STEM majors.

My personal research spans biology and physics. Students involved in my biology laboratory are not required to conduct research in physics.

For a list of publications, please visit the Publications page.

Current Research Projects

This section is for in progress research only. To see completed projects, visit the Publications link and the Presentations section of the Curriculum Vitae link.

Emission spectra of common elements and molecules

PI: E.C. Martin

Discipline: Physics

Impact of storage temperature, glucose, and microorganisms on blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in non-decomposed whole blood
PIs: S. Lambert, C.T. Pascual, C. Hodges, M.M. Bailey, and E.C. Martin
Discipline: Forensic Science

Self-awareness in native Great Plains cyprinids
PIs: E.C. Martin, S. Nelson, and K. Ghanchi
Discipline: Aquatic Science

Impact of ecology-based CUREs on undergraduate biology students
PIs: E.C. Martin
Discipline: STEM Education

Current Lab Members

Scott Nelson

An interdisciplinary sophomore at Emporia State University studying art and biology, with a particular interest in the zoology & botany of the Flint Hills region.

Khushi Ghanchi

A sophomore studing Pre-med at Emporia State University interested in human anatomy and striving to be a surgeon.

Former Lab Members

Ali Alamri, MS non-thesis 2017-2018. Accepted to PhD program at University of South Dakota.

Saad Alqahtani. MS non-thesis 2017-2018. Teaching secondary education in Saudi Arabia.

Research Project
Designing, building, and testing experimental microcosm aquaria for small-bodied stream fishes.