Martin Lab

aquatic biology and ecology


Department of Biological Sciences

Emporia State University


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This course is designed as a general education laboratory course that will provide hands-on learning opportunities to science students. Students will learn reasoning and problem-solving skills, including the application of basic mathematics and statistical analyses. Along with analyses, students will be able to create and interpret graphs. Students will be introduced to and learn effective scientific communication through written assignments and be able to understand, interpret and use the scientific method.



The laboratory manual for GB 101 is General Biology, Jean Schulenberg, editor.  YOU SHOULD BRING YOUR LAB MANUAL AND YOUR CALCULATOR TO EVERY CLASS, INCLUDING THE FIRST LAB SESSION!! 



On the first day, the class will be divided into smaller groups.  Your group will carry out simple experiments in the lab and may also serve as a study group for both the lecture and the lab.   

Each group will design and complete one simple research project.  Each member of the group will be expected to write part of the report on the group project.  Your scientific question and your research plan must be approved by your lab instructor.  A helpful website is: 



Each of the laboratory exercises will contain space for you to record data, graph experimental results, sketch microscopic observations, and answer questions posed by the lab exercise.  These exercises should be kept in a 3-ring binder so that the pages may be added and removed as necessary.  Your instructor will collect and grade your lab exercises each week, and you will receive 0-10 points for each.  Neatness, clarity, and completeness of data presentation will be rewarded.  Please use a pencil to complete your lab exercises. 


Four quizzes will be given during the semester covering the previous 2-3 labs and may include some background information from the lab manual on the exercise to be completed that day.  Quizzes are given at the beginning of the lab period. 


12 lab assignments (10 pts ea, lowest score dropped)     110 

Independent research report**                                           60 

4 quizzes (15 pts ea)                                                                60

Comprehensive lab quiz                                                       30

Total Points                                                                             260


** Research report – 10 pts for ideas, 10pts for observations, 20pts for results draft, 20pts final presentation.


The following grade scale will be used:

90-100 – A 80-89 – B 70-79 – C 60-69 – D Below 60 – F



If you cannot attend your assigned lab section, every effort should be made to attend another section that week.  THERE ARE NO MAKE-UP LABS.  Research report components that are turned in late will have 10 points/day deducted from them and will not be accepted after 3 days past the due date.



All acts of dishonesty in any work constitute academic misconduct.  This includes, but is not limited to cheating, plagiarism, fabrication of information, misrepresentations, and abetting of any of the above. A zero (0) will automatically assigned for that quiz/exam/assignment if any of the above occur.



The use of cell phones during class (including text messaging) is considered rude and disruptive.  Cell phone use in class will not be tolerated.



Emporia State University will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented diabilities.  Students need to contact the Director of Diability Services and the professor as early in the semester as possible to ensure that classroom and academic accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.  All communication between students, the Office of Disability Services, and the professor will be strictly confidential.  It is up to the student to contact the Office of Disability Services and Non-Traditional Student Programs, 242 SE Morse Hall, 620-341-6637 Voice, 620-341-6646 TTY, or email [email protected].



It is the student’s responsibility to complete the necessary paperwork if he/she wishes to withdraw from this course.  The deadline for withdrawing with a “W” this semester is Wednesday, April 5th.  If you stop coming and do not withdraw, you will probably get an “F”. IF MORE THAN TWO LABORATORY PERIODS ARE MISSED, THE INSTRUCTOR MAY DROP YOU FROM THE COURSE.





Date                                        Experiment                                                              .

Jan 23-25                                 Microscopic Observations

                                                  Research Group Project Introduction


Jan 30- Feb 1                          The Scientific Method and Measurement

                                                  Research Project Ideas Due (in class)


Feb 6-8                                    Photosynthesis

                                                   QUIZ 1


Feb 13-15                                Mitosis and Introduction to Chi-square Statistic


Feb 20-22                                Genetics


Feb 27- Mar 1                         Biodiversity and Classification

                                                  QUIZ 2


Mar 6-8                                   Animal Behavior


Mar 13-15                               Cells, Research Group Project Workshop


Mar 20-22                               SPRING BREAK


Mar 27-29                               Diffusion and Osmosis

                                                   QUIZ 3

                                                   Research Project Results Due


Apr 3-5                                   Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium


Apr 10-12                                Group Presentation Work Day


Apr 17-19                                Aquatic Field Trip

                                                 QUIZ 4


Apr 24-26                                Data Presentation and Introduction to the t-Test


May 2-4                                   FINAL RESEARCH PRESENTATION

                                                  COMPREHENSIVE LAB QUIZ