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I am always looking for enthusiastic undergraduates to join my research lab! Currently, I do not have any graduate level positions available. If you are interested in conducting aquatic research, please send me an email with your resume or curriculum vitae.

I completed my bachelor's degree at Ball State University in 2009 where I worked under Dr. Melody Bernot and Dr. Mark Pyron I completed my PhD at Kansas State University, under the advisement of Dr. Keith Gido, in 2014. I am currently enrolled in the graduate school at Emporia State University, where I am pursuing my passion for physics and astrophysics. In addition to my research on stream fishes on Konza Prairie, the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, and throughout the Midwest and Great Plains, I teach introductory and upper level biology, ecology, and statistics for program R courses at the university level.

I am currently a member of the Biology faculty at Emporia State University.  I am also the expert science correspondent for the Fish Nerds. I volunteer teach science at the Wonder Workshop Children's Museum where I provide information on local fishes and give hands-on activities about all the wonders of science to kids ages 6-12. I also volunteer teach Emporia Middle School students about numerous scientific topics as part of the Beta Beta Beta Honors Biology program. 

For more information on the work I'm doing, classes I teach, and all the nerdy hobbies I have, check out the links up top!

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Fish Nerds podcast

Writing and talking about interesting, usually funny and mostly true fish and fishing information. Click HERE to listen!

Languages - English och Svenska

Hallå. Välkomna att min lab. Jag studerar åarna. Min svenska är bara medelmåttig och inte för professional samtalar. Jag tittar för högskola studenter att arbeta i min lab, om du är intressan. Min famijl kom från sverige till amerika när min mor var yng.


Dr. Martin with Dr. Paul Ehrlich. 2012.
Dr, Martin with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, 2017.

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